About Media Democracy Fund

The Media Democracy Fund works with foundations and donors to award grants that protect the public’s rights in the digital age.

The Internet and mobile technologies are changing and challenging the basic building blocks of our society: information and communication. Like the printing press or television before, the impact of technology is surging around the world, making a huge and immediate impact in economic development, human rights, civil rights, civic engagement, education, the environment, arts and culture. Decisions being made today will determine if information and communication in the digital age will be open and fair. 

The Media Democracy Fund partners with funders to make grants that protect and promote the public’s rights in this new era. We help grant makers of all sizes and issue areas amplify their impact.

Strategic Grantmaking for the 21st Century

Innovative grant makers are becoming aware of the importance of technology and communications on other issue areas. More and more, economic opportunity, education, creativity, freedom of expression and democracy are intertwined with access to and openness of our new information and communication technology.

These connections mean that ignoring this area is no longer an option. But this emerging field can be confusing and complicated. MDF can help you simplify and focus. We understand the connections, the policy environment and the landmines. We help our partners cut through the noise and make an impact. 

The Media Democracy Fund is led by seasoned philanthropic professionals with experience managing successful funder collaboratives.
The Media Democracy Fund works with foundations, individual donors, and philanthropic advisors.
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